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Two Murders in Minneapolis

This is Justine Damond.
She happened to be white.
She was shot to death by officer Muhammad Noor (who happened to be black.) It happened 3 years ago in the exact same city of Minneapolis, where all the rioting is happening now.
Unlike Mr. Floyd, she had no criminal record (he had multiple convictions including for armed robbery.)
Nor was she being arrested (as he was, for passing a bad check.) In fact, she had called the police to report an apparent assault behind her house and was running toward the police car to tell them what she had heard. She was in her pajamas. Officer Noor drew his weapon and shot her dead, apparently without any provocation at all.
There were no riots.

Let me be crystal clear. Both officers are clearly guilty. I’ve seen the video of the Floyd incident. It’s quite clear to me the officer in his case is guilty of first degree manslaughter, at least. He’s entitled to his day in court. But, frankly, I can’t even imagine what his defense attorney could say that would change my mind.

Sadly, there are bad cops who do bad things. They need to be punished.

But I’m far more concerned about the riots.
The riots will kill far more people.

There are powerful forces that are trying to destroy America. (Yes, LITERALLY destroy.) And there is a serious chance that they’ll succeed.

These forces are mostly in media and entertainment and sports. Some are in politics.

They have decided that every bad thing a white person does to a black person must be interpreted, immediately,in the light of race. This, even though in a country of 330 million people sheer randomness will account for these incidents just as easily.

Black on white crime (far more common) will be ignored.

Black on black crime (most common of all) ignored.

White on white crime? (Are you kidding?)

But all white on black crime must be portrayed as a racial incident without any evidence of racism whatsoever. Cause there’s “a pattern,” see, in what they choose to report!

And it must be the lead story on national news immediately. Regardless of how many identical stories (with the wrong racial makeup) have been ignored.

Next the race hustling celebrities will make outrageous statements to the effect that all black people live in constant fear of being killed by any white person who comes anywhere near them.

Then the social media, that will censor any conservative statement such as “I like Trump,” because its dangerous “hate speech,” will allow all those incendiary comments to stand. Then they’ll sit back and watch the fireworks.

The final stage, will be the infantilization of the rioters. Because the poor dears, who live in constant fear of murderous white people can’t be blamed in they snatched a television or two, you know, for the sake of social justice.

This is the greatest danger facing America today. (If you know me at all, you know I dont often admit to a greater danger than the national debt.)

If we’re going to win and save our country from turning into Bosnia, we need to lose our fear of speaking the truth.

Start with this:
There used to be ACTUAL racism in this country (and every other country.) Today there is NONE.
By “actual racism” I mean the sort that actually prevents people from living their lives as they wish and pursuing their dreams.
By “none” I mean zip, zero, nada. That’s why there’s been a growing business in fake ‘hate crimes.’
Today, in America, we have the least racist society that ever was. Let’s save it.
For our children.
And for the memory of Justine Damond and Gregory Floyd.

Loren Spivack


May 2020

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