Facebook fact-checker funded by Chinese money… Stop Steal our Elestion

Facebook fact-checker funded by Chinese money; Arizona GOP to file election case in SCOTUS…..
NTD Evening News- 12/11/2020 1. Self-Declared ‘States’ Back Texas Lawsuit 2. Wisconsin Judge Tosses Recount Challenge 3. Wisconsin Witnesses Allege Irregularities 4. Michigan to Publish Dominion Forensic Audit 5. Dominion Allows Vote Changing: Supervisor 6. Ariz. GOP to File Election Case in SCOTUS 7. Ali Alexander on ‘Stop the Steal’ Movement 8. China-Linked Firm Funds Facebook Fact-Checker 9. ‘March for Trump’ Bus Stops in Pittsburgh 10. New York City Restaurants in Trouble 11. Judge Rebukes Calif Church Restrictions 12. Trump’s Childhood Home Up for Sale 13. Beijing Detains Bloomberg Staff Member 14. China-Swiss Secret Deal Exposed 15. FCC to Stop China Telecom’s US Operations 16. Vodafone Censoring Meditation Websites 17. Renters Return to NYC: Record Low Prices 18. Petco Joins DoorDash for Same-Day Delivery 19. Army Veteran Fights to Keep Business Open 20. London Children to Get COVID Testing 21. Many in France Don’t Want Vaccination 22. Spaniards Exercise Outdoors for Company 23. French Soccer Star Cuts Ties With Huawei 24. Britons See Traditional Stores Vanish 25. Collector Scours Europe for Church Clocks 26. Researchers Spot New Whale Species 27. Paris’ Big Stores Open Before Christmas …
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