Supreme Court Rejects Sidney Powell Lawsuits, Trump Promotes Grassroots Movement at CPAC

01:10​ Trump Promotes Grassroots Movement at CPAC 03:34​ Congress Members Focus In on the CCP Threat 06:47​ SCOUTS Denies Powell Lawsuits, No Explanation 07:11​ Biden Admin to Bring Deportees Back to U.S. 09:13​ White House Charging for CCP Virus Test 10:40​ J&J Vaccine Shots to Be Delivered Tuesday 12:36​ Pelosi: Charges Against NY Governor Credible 14:12​ Part of Covid Fund for Bay Area Train 15:51​ Newsom Accused of Dining Indoors Again 17:54​ Illinois Pushes Act Ordering K-12 Sex Ed. 20:41​ Gun Owners: 2nd Amendment Protects Freedom 23:00​ Texas Power Cooperative Files for Bankruptcy 23:51​ Digital Wallet Payments overtake cash in 2020 25:30​ NYC’s Iconic Lincoln Center Opening Outdoors 27:16​ NY Restaurant Showcases Celebrity Wax Figures 31:05​ Chinese Transplant Doctor Commits Suicide 34:16​ Australia Shifts Data Out of Private Storage 35:14​ Chinese TV Photoshops Selena Gomez Photo 37:35​ Quarantine Driving People Crazy: Volunteer 41:15​ Price Spike Forces Buyers Out of New-Car MKT 43:02​ Apple Reopens All 270 Stores in US 43:52​ Former French President Found Guilty 45:14​ Exeter WW2 Bomb Detonated After Evacuation 46:22​ Cold War-Era Bunker Up for Auction 48:03​ Bright Meteor Sighted Over UK 49:00​ Lessons From a Wildlife Photographer 50:48​ Huge Iceberg Breaks Away in Antarctica
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