TV & Media Invitation to Spectacular Celebration Summer 2021 Sunday 27th of June, 6pm-7pm, Brighton Beach Boardwalk


Dear Members of TV, Press, and Media organizations,

Club A-Elita, a Southern Brooklyn-based, non-profit organization, on the beginning of June ,  held a festival of children’s creativity in the original project “Covid Recovery Program for Kids” in which nearly 200 children performed.

 Within the framework of the festival, a dance competition was held.  The winners  won the opportunity to showcase the new dance art form “RUSSIAN FOLK  FLASHMOB” at the BRIGHTON BEACH BOARDWALK,  27th of JUNE, SUNDAY, 6pm-7pm.

  The club called the event “A celebration of the victory over the pandemic.”  The holiday serves to unite the community, demonstrate the spirit of unity and invincibility.

Club is delighted to invite all  of you to attend and report on a spectacular “RUSSIAN FOLK FLASHMOB” organized by the club Aelita .

We would like to ask for your support in our mission of empowering children and families by covering this spectacular event in your news. 

Club Aelita regularly holds a series of concerts, festivals and flash mobs

The important goal of our events is to bring community together, enticing children to advance their pursuits in music, dance, or art, while bonding with their peers of different cultural backgrounds in a meaningful way. Our events cultivate mutual respect, human dignity, and religious tolerance which battles the disturbingly increasing intolerance strides in modern society.

We wholeheartedly appreciate your thoughtful consideration and hope to see you there!

With open gratitude,

Leonora Bulychova

President of AELITA Club, 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Status Organization