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The mixed martial art combines ineffective techniques

MMA is the mixed martial arts consisting of the effective techniques borrowed from  many combat systems. The effective techniques are elements that work. Such martial art called Pankration existed in the ancient Greece.

Today, mma as a sport has gained popularity all over the world. Thanks to UFC championships started to promote it back in 90s.  

But many people still don’t know that there is a mixed martial art combines only ineffective techniques of all possible fighting systems such as karate, taekwondo, kungfu styles, brazilian jiu jitsu, freestyle wrestling, judo and so on. The inventor of this art called hardfight is Tamerlan Kuzgov. At the beginning of the 2000s he has applied the scientific approach and took elements which don’t work personally for him and elements based on the principle of none economy, and unreality. The criterion to consider them none effective should be your practical result. Analyzing and developing this idea, he has had to pick up in the same way various ineffective physical exercises of warm-up, flexibility, speed, strength, and weapons of martial arts.  This system isn’t created  for the real fight because it’s senseless to apply ineffective techniques, but as a fitness programm or demonstration purposes it can be used.  

An example of the very ineffective stance.  Bend down as far as you can go and extend the weak foot and hands as far as you can. Thus, you have created longest distance between your weak hand, foot and an opponent who stands behind your back. Also, you need to stand up and turn your body towards the opponent before you start to attack or block. Therefore, you’ll waste maximum time kicking, punch or block especially when you apply acrobatic forms. The back and head are exposed for hits to an opponent.

The wide punch. In this art, very wide punches are the most ineffective. Throw the left hand to the left and back with a step forward. The fingers often most ineffective part of body for a punch or block:

An example of the  very effective stance and straight punch in current MMA systems. The leading hand and foot are maximum close to the target and take short time to get to the target. The only thing you have to do is to step ahead and  throw your straight punch with the leading hand:

At the same time, it’s the universal martial art where you have the freedom of self-expression, and you can use any elements or way in any situation, for example, effective forms and so on.   In this way, this martial art together with any elements which can be used is a one whole.

“In the previous era martial artists took efficient elements from multiple styles to create the mixed martial arts. But the evolution shouldn’t be ended on it. Let’s expand our vision of mixed martial arts and create something out of inefficient, says Tamerlan”

He says that “moreover, for individuals, there are medium techniques that sometimes  works, but sometimes it is not. There are two systems of mixed martial arts that I’ve described already. One of the systems combines useless elements and what is this article about, while another combines only medium elements”.  

The knowledge of the effective, medium and ineffective techniques must be considered as one whole or trinity. This is the ultimate because no other types of techniques exist in Nature and all that could be mixed is mixed and in this sense  it seems impossible to make it better or worse.

For over 3000 years, since martial arts have been created noone has done that before and therefore, it’s deserves respect and might be considered as a contribution to the world of martial arts.

Now we have the exact opposite to the “effective” MMA,  and it bases on the symbol of Ying and Yang. According to this east thought for any force, the Nature has the exact opposite force. For example, if there is a day, there is a night, and if there is something that works, there is something that works not.


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September 2021

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