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Viktor Orbán Reveals Bold Vision for Europe’s Future in Exclusive NatCon Interview. We promised, and we delivered.

Victor Orbán Interview with Yoram Hazony:
We Need Change In Brussels.
Freedom in Europe is in danger.

On April 17, 2024, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán delivered a keynote address at the National Conservatism Conference in Brussels, where he engaged in a conversation with Israeli philosopher Yoram Hazony

1234. The event, which was part of the larger National Conservatism Conference, featured a lineup of prominent speakers discussing various topics related to nationalism and conservatism3.During his conversation with Hazony, Orbán touched on several key issues facing Europe and the world

124. He shared his perspective on the challenges posed by globalization and the need for nations to preserve their unique cultural identities

12. Orbán also discussed the importance of strong families and traditional values in shaping society

12.The interview, which lasted approximately 49 minutes, was well-received by attendees and generated significant interest on social media24. Many praised Orbán for his candid and unapologetic defense of national sovereignty and conservative principles24.
The National Conservatism Conference in Brussels brought together a diverse group of thinkers, activists, and political leaders from across Europe and beyond3. The event aimed to provide a platform for discussing the role of nationalism and conservatism in shaping the future of the continent3.
Overall, Viktor Orbán’s keynote address at the National Conservatism Conference in Brussels was a significant event that highlighted the growing influence of nationalist and conservative movements in Europe and beyond.

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