NYC mayor promises police reforms amid calls for change

Hundreds of current and former staff members with the New York City Mayor’s Office called for meaningful police reforms Monday during a protest and march from City Hall in lower Manhattan to Camden Plaza West in Brooklyn. Demands from city workers for increased transparency and greater accountability when police officers are accused of excessive force echo the pleas in ongoing protests since the death of George Floyd in Minnesota. “We as a city are done,” shouted one former staffer. “I’m frustrated,” stated another. “What is often just a talking point for the mayor is grueling work for us. Our demands begin with the budget because budgets are statements of priorities.” On Sunday, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced several reforms including shifting funding from NYPD to youth and social services, reforming the 50A law that prevents the public from discovering an officer’s disciplinary record, moving vendor enforcement out of the NYPD to shift officers’ focus on real drivers of crime rather than infractions, and establishing community ambassadors to act as liaisons between the NYPD and the public.
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